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Civil War Coin Pack - Charles I
Quantity:  £2.60

Charles I was born on 19 November 1600. After the death of his father, James I, in 1625 Charles acceded to the throne. Charles believed in the Divine Right of Kings. As a result he constantly quarrelled with his parliaments and ruled without one for 11 years.

In 1642 the King unsuccessfully attempted to arrest five Members of Parliament. Civil war broke out when Charles left London and raised his standard at Nottingham. A series of battles between Parliamentarians (Roundheads) and the Kings Royalists (Cavaliers) began. Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army finally defeated Charles.

In 1649, Charles was put on trial for treason and sentenced to death. He was executed on 30 January 1649 and the monarchy was replaced with the Commonwealth (1649–53) and then a Protectorate (1653–59), under Oliver Cromwell's rule.

The coin is held in a clear plastic blister and is supplied in full colour pamphlet style packaging, complete with images and historical information of both the coin and the Civil War.

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