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Butterfly Pendant - Pewter
Quantity:  2.90

The word 'Lepidoptera' translates as 'scaled wings' in Latin. That is because butterflies and moths have wings covered in tiny scales that provide their wings with patterns and colours that characterise these insects.

All butterflies are diurnal (day flying). Their principal food is nectarwhich they feed on by uncoiling a proboscis that compriese of two thin, flexible tubes and probing into flowers.

Most butterfly larvae are vegetarians feeding on leaves and flowers of many different plants. These larvae that hatch from eggs are called caterpillars. When fully grown caterpillars shed their skins for a final time and become pupar or chrysalises. Eventually an adult butterfly emerges from its chrysalis after a process called complete metamorphosis.

This butterfly pendant is made from lead-free pewter and is supplied on a waxed cord. The information card is full colour on the front and has information on the reverse.

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