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Medieval Coin Pack
Quantity:  3.60

William I was proclaimed King of England in Westminster Abbey in 1066. Despite a great victory the Normans had great difficulty keeping control with only 10,000 Normans among one to two million hostile Anglo-Saxons. As a result the Normans had to build many castles from which to dominate the local people.

As Henry I lay dying, Stehpen, his nephew, rushed from France to London and secured the throne instead of Henry's chosen heirs. After about 2 years Robert of Gloucester defected and Stephen lost his grip on Normandy. A long civil was resulted. Stephen's son died before taking the throne and the crown passed on to Henry Plantagenet.

Our reproduction William I Penny is made from lead-free pewter. The coin has a bust of William on the obverse and a cross on the reverse.

The reproduction Eustace penny (son of Stephen) is made from lead-free pewter and shows a knight with sword on one side and a cross on the other.

The two coins are held in clear plastic blisters and are supplied in full colour pamphlet style packaging, complete with historical information relating to the William I and Stephen.

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