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Caesar Coin Pin Badge
Quantity:  2.15

In the days before newspapers, television and radio, getting information around such a large area as the Roman Empire was no easy matter. Coins were a good way of getting important news across to the general population.

The obverse of the coin portrayed the ruling emperor's face and his titles, which was useful in getting across what the emperor looked like. The information on the reverse of the coin normally celebrated a significant event during the emperor's reign, generally a military victory. Images of Roman gods, buildings or animals were also used.

This reproduction Denarius coin of Caesar is made from lead-free pewter and supplied on a pin with a clasp. The coin has the Emperor's name and an elephant trampling a serpent on one side (representing the conquest of Gaul by Caesar) and a simpulum, sprinkler, axe and priests hat on the other. The information card is full colour on the front and has historical information on the reverse.

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