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Claudius Coin Pack - Denarius
Quantity:  1.95

At the assassination of Caligula in January 41AD, Claudius fled and hid. He was discovered by the Praetorian Guard, who declared him emperor. Although he lacked a military reputation, Claudius sent four legions to conquer Britain in 43AD and then presided over the capture of Colchester, the capital of the new province, before returning to Rome in triumph.

Claudius died in October 54AD, after being poisoned, probably by his fourth wife Agrippina, whose son Nero, succeeded as Emperor.

This reproduction denarius coin is made from lead-free pewter and depicts the public happiness during Claudius's reign. The obverse shows the bust of Claudius, while the reverse shows Nemesis, the goddess of peace, holding a winged staff with two serpents on top forming a figure of eight, called a caduceus.

The coin is held in a clear plastic blister and is supplied in full colour pamphlet style packaging, complete with images and historical information of both the coin and life of Claudius.

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