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Dolphin Gem Ring - Pewter
Quantity:  2.90

Finger rings were widely worn by men and women in Roman Times. These were generally made from gold, silver or bronze. Gem stones were used to adorn necklaces and earrings and were especially popular in rings.

Roman men were keen followers of fashion. They wore a knee-length sleeveless tunic with undergarments and various types of cloak. On formal occasions they wore a heavy white toga. Women wore an inner and outer tunic of wool, or linen and sometimes, a cloak. Wealthy women wore imported silks and cottons from China and India. Make-up was also used and a pale facial complexion was very fashionable.

This Dolphin Gem Ring is made from lead-free pewter and is supplied in a clear plastic blister. The information card is full colour on the front and has historical information on the reverse.

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