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Roman Coin Set 3 - Military Campaigns & Rebellion
Quantity:  3.75

Roman coins were not just a means of paying for goods. The obverse of the coins portrayed the ruling Emperor's face. The reverse of the coins were used to communicate great events or to promote the status of the Emperor to his people. For example, the Emperor may have depicted a god that had attributes with which he wished to be associated. The coins were circulated throughout the Empire bringing news, perhaps of events that had taken place far away.

During Nero's reign, Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni tribe in East Anglia, led her famous rebellion against Colchester, London and St Albans. Titus, eldest son of Vespasian, continued the conquest of Wales and south west Britain during his rule.

Our reproduction Aurues of Nero was struck between 54-68AD is made from gold plated lead-free pewter. The coin shows a bust of Nero on the obverse and on the reverse Jupiter seated holding a thunderbolt and scepter.

The Denarius of Titus was struck between 79-81AD. This reproduction coin is made from lead-free pewter and shows the bust of Titus on one side and Venus holding helmet and spear on the other.

The two coins are held in clear plastic blisters and are supplied in full colour pamphlet style packaging, complete with images and historical information relating to Roman coins and the military campaigns and rebellion in Britain.

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