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Roman Coin Set 5 - Roman Coin Collection
Quantity:  10.80

Roman coins were not just a means of paying for goods. The obverse of the coins portrayed the ruling Emperor's face. The reverse of the coins were used to communicate great events or to promote the status of the Emperor to his people. For example, the Emperor may have depicted a god that had attributes with which he wished to be associated. The coins were circulated throughout the Empire bringing news, perhaps of events that had taken place far away.

The reproduction Denarius of Augustus was struck between 27BC-14AD and shows the bare head of Augustus on the obverse and Capricorn with a cornucopia and globe on the reverse.

The reproduction 22ct gold plated Aureus of Claudius was struck between 41-54AD and shows a laureate bust of Claudius on the obverse and DE BRITANN on a triumphal arch on the reverse

The reproduction bronze plated Dupondius coin of Nero was struck between 54-68AD and shows the head of Nero on the obverse and Roma in military dress on the obverse.

The reproduction bronze plated Sestertius of Nero was struck between 54-68AD is made from bronze plated lead-free pewter. The coin shows a bust of Nero on the obverse and on the reverse, Nero reinforces his military strength by picvturing himself and a soldier on horseback in 'decursio' or combat.

The reproduction bronze plated As of Antoninius Pius was struck between 138-161AD and shows the laureate head of Antoninus Pius on the obverse and Britannia seated on a rock on the reverse.

The Roman Coin Collection contains five coins held in clear plastic blisters. They are supplied in spectacular six page full colour pamphlet style packaging, complete with images and historical information relating to the history of Roman coinage.

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