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Roman Owl Pendant - Gold Plated
Quantity:  £3.25

Minerva was a Roman goddess who from the 2nd century BC onwards was commonly identified with the Greek goddess Athena. As the goddess of reason, wisdom, and prudence, she was considered to preside over literature and the sciences. She later became the deity of both war and peace. Under the emperor Domition (A.D. 81 – A.D. 96), who claimed her special protection, the worship of Minerva attained its greatest vogue in Rome.

Glaucus is the symbolic owl who is often depicted with Minerva. Often referred to as the ‘owl of Minerva’, it accompanies Minerva in Roman myths, seen as a symbol of wisdom because the owl is capable of seeing even in the dark and of vigilance because the owl is awake at night.

The Roman Owl Pendant is made from gold plated lead-free pewter and is supplied on a gold plated chain. The information card is full colour and has historical information on the reverse.

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