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Set of 4 Vikings in Box
Quantity:  7.45

For three centuries, from about A.D. 800 to 1050, Vikings in longships sailed across the oceans in search of land, slaves, gold and other riches. They set sail from their homes in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and raided across Europe, Russia and the Mediterranean. The Vikings were bold explorers. Braving the stormy Atlantic Ocean they discovered Iceland and Greenland and even reached North America.

By A.D. 886 the Vikings had secured half of England. This territory was divided by a line, Which became known as the Danelaw boundary. Lands north of the boundary were under Danelaw, which meant that Viking laws, customs and languages predominated. South of the boundary was ruled by the Anglo Saxons

The boxed set comprises a set of 4 mini Viking invader figures. Each figure is approximately 4cm tall and is made from lead-free pewter.

The four figures are boxed in full colour packaging showing an image of a Viking village on the front and a battle scene on the reverse, together with historical information about the Vikings.

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