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Edward II
Edward II

Edward II (1284-1327), was one of the most unsuccessful kings in English history. He was a poor general and was disliked by nearly all his barons and even by his wife, Queen Isabella.

Edward, a member of the Plantagenet royal family, was born in Caernarfon, Wales. He was the first heir to the English throne to receive the title Prince of Wales. He succeeded his father, Edward I, in 1307. The young king's reign was troubled by many political trials and executions. In 1314, Edward II lost an important battle to the Scottish leader Robert Bruce at Bannockburn, Scotland.

In 1325, Queen Isabella visited France. From there, she and her lover, Roger Mortimer, organized an invasion of England. They and their supporters forced Edward to give up the throne to his son Edward III in 1327. Edward II was murdered that year.