About Us

Westair, a company based in the United Kingdom, was incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 1972 by Richard Read. In its original format the Company was called Westair Surveys; it owned an aeroplane and did aerial survey work in the West Country of the United Kingdom. To help with the expense of keeping and flying a plane, the Company purchased a series of Antique maps by a Dutch cartographer called J. Bleau, who published an atlas of Britain in 1648. Westair reproduced some of these attractive English County Maps and Maps of England, Scotland and Wales and sold them to the Historic Houses for sale to tourists and visitors.

As the flying declined, the sale and demand for the reproduction maps increased and more original maps were purchased to reproduce and sell to more Historic Houses, Castles and Museums. The aeroplane was eventually sold, and the Company concentrated its efforts into reproducing other objects of historical interest in metalcraft, which can be seen today. Westair subsequently dropped the word 'Surveys' and it became Westair Reproductions Ltd.

Once the foundations of the metal ranges were set the Company set up its own metal casting operation that uses a process called “Centrifugal Casting”. The casting operation is located at its UK offices and casts products in lead-free pewter. Westair cast all their own metal products such as coins, key-rings, pin badges, jewellery and miniature figures this ensures that Westair is able to offer its customers the highest quality product at very competitive prices.

Westair Reproductions Ltd. has grown into the leading company supplying historical reproductions to Historic Houses, Castles, Museums and other tourist attraction not only in the UK but also to over 50 other countries around the world.