The Tudor dynasty, which ruled England from 1485 to 1603, was a period characterised by notable monarchs, developments in jewellery and coinage. The Tudor era is perhaps most famous for its iconic monarchs, including Henry VIII, known for his six marriages and the English Reformation; and his daughter Elizabeth I, who presided over a golden age of literature and exploration. Under the Tudors, jewellery became increasingly ornate and symbolic, often showcasing gemstones and intricate designs as a sign of wealth and power. Coinage saw reforms, with Henry VII introducing the first English gold sovereign and Henry VIII debasing the coinage to fund his lavish lifestyle. The Tudors left a lasting legacy on British history, culture, and the monarchy.

Henry VIII Combat Sword

Henry VIII Combat Sword

Product Description: This 11cm long reproduction of a Henry VIII Combat Sword is made from lead-free..


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