• Egyptian Scarab

Egyptian Scarab

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Product Description: This 4cm tall Egyptian Scarab is made from resin that is painted with an antique bronze finish. On the underside of the scarab are Egyptian hieroglyphics. It is supplied with a full-colour information card that has an image of Egyptian hieroglyphics with a scarab overlayed on top of it. There is also historical information which explains why the scarab was important in Egyptian times. The scarab and folded card are supplied in a clear box.

Information: The most important insect in Ancient Egypt was the Scarab (Dung Beetle). Models of the beetle were worn as an amulet to protect the wearer from evil.

As in real life this beetle would roll a ball of dung along in the sand. The Egyptians believed a giant beetle would roll the sun around the Earth.

Animals were important to the ancient Egyptians whether for food, as pets or to worship. The different gods the Egyptians worshipped had characteristics of animals and were depicted with human bodies and animal heads.

Many Egyptians lived near the Nile River which was filled with crocodiles, hippos, turtles, frogs as well as numerous fish and birds.

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