• Egyptian Twisted Bracelet - Gold Plated

Egyptian Twisted Bracelet - Gold Plated

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Product Description: This Egyptian Twisted Bracelet is made from metal that is gold plated. The bracelet is flexible so it can expand in size. The bracelet is supplied with an information card that depicts the Egyptian god Horus wearing bracelets and holding an ankh amulet on the front and describes about how jewellery was important to the Egyptians.

Information: In ancient Egypt both men and women wore jewellery, not only as a symbol of wealth and status, but also for protection from evil.

Gold was the metal of choice for the Ancient Egyptians, and it was used extensively throughout the several thousand years of history when Egypt was ruled by Pharaohs.

Outstanding service to the state was rewarded by the gift of jewellery from the King who would lean out of a window and drop bracelets or gold collars to the nobles waiting below.

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