• Pharaoh’s Tomb Transfer Pack

Pharaoh’s Tomb Transfer Pack

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Product Description: This Pharaoh’s tomb transfer pack consists of a full colour A4 size card with a scene of an ancient Egyptian burial in a Pharaoh’s tomb on the inside and on the reverse of the pack an image of the Ancient Egyptians on the Nile to colour in as well as historical information.

Also supplied is a sheet of over 35 rubdown action transfers of Egyptian artifacts and workers that can be 'rubbed' onto the card so you can create your own Pharaoh’s tomb scene.

Information: The River Nile was very important in Ancient Egypt. It supplied water to grow crops, sustained fish to eat and was used by boats to transport people and goods. Hippos and crocodiles were common on the Nile and were hunted by warriors on rafts made from Papyrus.

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