• Scarab Pendant - Pewter

Scarab Pendant - Pewter

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Product Description: This Egytpian Scarab pendant is made from lead-free pewter. The scarab is supplied on a waxed cord. The pendant is mounted on an information card, which has an Egyptian image on the front and on the reverse describes how animals were an important part of Egyptian life and many were seen as gods.

Information: The Egyptians shared their environment with many different beasts, birds, fish and reptiles. These animals would appear on many objects including sculptures, jewellery and hieroglyphics. These animals were thought of as part of the ‘world system’ made by the sun god, and as earthly versions of many gods.

The Scarab beetle represents Khepri the sun god. The insect itself pushes a ball of dung around and the Egyptians thought the sun was propelled around the earth the same way, by a giant beetle.

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