• Greek Owl Coin Ring - Gold Plated

Greek Owl Coin Ring - Gold Plated

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Product Description: This Greek Owl Coin Ring is made from lead-free pewter that is 22ct gold plated and has a coin on top of it. The ring size can be changed to make it larger or smaller. The ring is supplied in a clear blister mounted to an information card. The information card depicts a Greek coin with a classic Greek key design down the sides on the front and describes how Greek mythology themes were used on Greek jewellery on the reverse.

Information: The themes and creatures from Greek mythology were common on coins and jewellery in ancient Greece. Jewellery made from gold and precious stones would have only been worn by the wealthy, normally for special occasions.

The image of an owl was used a lot as Athena was the patron goddess of Athens and her symbol was an owl. The Minoans depicted the octopus on their pottery and in their frescoes and the Aegean Island of Aegina minted a coin depicting a turtle.

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