• Megaraptor Claw Key-Ring

Megaraptor Claw Key-Ring

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Product Description: This Megaraptor Claw is made from resin and is supplied on a quality key-chain. The key-ring is presented on a header key-ring card depicting a Megaraptor.

Information: Megaraptor was a genus of theropod dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period, approximately 84 to 70 million years ago. It was characterised by its large size, estimated to be around 6 meters in length, as well as its long, slender claws on its hands, particularly the enlarged sickle-like claw on the second digit. Despite its name, Megaraptor is not believed to be a true member of the dromaeosaurid family, which includes more well-known raptors like Velociraptor. The incomplete nature of the fossils and the lack of a complete skeleton have made it challenging for scientists to precisely determine Megaraptor's relationships within the dinosaur family tree.

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