• Georgian Ostrich Quill Pen

Georgian Ostrich Quill Pen

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Product Description: This Ostrich Quill Pen is made from a real ostrich feather attached to a ribbon covered pen that has a biro nib. The quill pen measures approximately 30 centimetres long, however lengths will vary as the feather is a natural product. There are 5 different colours available, blue, purple, black, white and red. (Note: Image shows 5 quill pens)

Information: A quill is a writing tool made from a moulted flight feather of a large bird. As with the earlier reed pen (and later dip pen), a quill has no internal ink reservoir and therefore needs to periodically be dipped into an inkwell during writing. Quills were originally used for writing with ink however our pen comes with the convenience of a ballpoint pen. The word pen comes from the Latin word 'Penna' which means feather.

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