• Naval Gold Medal

Naval Gold Medal

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Product Description: This Miniature Naval Gold Medal is made from lead-free pewter that is 22ct gold plated. It is supplied with approximately 9cm of ribbon. The medal is mounted on a fold-over information card that is full colour with a portrait image of Horatio Nelson on the front and has historical information about the medal and Nelson on the reverse.

Information: The original medals were glazed on both sides and individually engraved on the reverse with the name of the recipient and details of the engagement in a wreath of laurel and oak leaves. Obverse – the winged figure of Victory bestowing a laurel wreath on the head of Britannia standing in the prow of a galley with a Union Jack shield behind her. Her right foot is on a helmet and her left hand holding a spear.

Instituted in 1795, this medal was awarded continually until 1815. Large medals were awarded to admirals and small medals to captains. Lord Nelson had three of these medals, each for a separate action.

Horatio Nelson (1758-1805), was born at Burnham-Thorpe in Norfolk, on September 29th, 1758. He joined the Navy at the age of 15.

Nelson became Great Britain’s greatest admiral and naval hero. He defeated the combined French and Spanish fleets at Trafalgar in the greatest naval victory in British history (Battle of Trafalgar, fought on October 21st, 1805). His victory broke France’s naval power, and established Britain’s rule of the seas for the rest of the 1800’s. After his death at The Battle of Trafalgar, Nelson lay in state at Greenwich and was then buried at St Paul’s Cathedral.

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