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Nelson Quill Pen

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Product Description: This Nelson Quill Pen is made from a real feather attached to a ribbon covered pen that has a biro nib. There are 5 different colours available, blue, purple, black, pink and red. The quill pen measures approximately 30-35 centimetres long, however lengths will vary as the feather is a natural product. The quill is supplied with a colourful information card. On the front there are images of Horatio Nelson, a panorama of the Battle of Trafalgar, Nelson’s last letter and his seal. On the back is a timeline of the life of Nelson and the battles he fought. The quill and card are held in a clear hanging bag.

Information: On the reverse of the card is a timeline of Nelson’s life and achievements. The timeline starts from 1758 when Nelson was born and runs through to 1805 with Nelson’s death and 1806 when he was buried at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Highlights include 1771 when Nelson joins the Navy, 1777 when he becomes a Lieutenant and 1778 when he becomes Commander of HMS Badger. In 1797 he is promoted to Rear-Admiral and loses his right arm during the naval battle at Tenerife. In 1798 he gains victory over the French at The Battle of the Nile and in 1801 as Vice-Admiral he defeats the Danish fleet. In 1805 he defeats the combined French and Spanish fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar, a defining moment in naval warfare.

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