• Roman Gladiator Helmet 7cm

Roman Gladiator Helmet 7cm

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Product Description: This model of a Roman Gladiators Helmet on a base is made from resin that is hand painted and measures 7cm tall. The base is inscribed with the words "Gladiator Helmet". The model is supplied in a white box with a label identifying it on the front.

Information: The helmet is based on the helmet that would have been worn by 'murmillo', a type of gladiator. The distinguishing feature of the murmillo was the high crest of his helmet which also had a grille of linked circles to protect the face, and a broad brim to protect the back and sides of the head.

The murmillo wore a loincloth, belt, short greaves on the lower parts of his legs, a linen arm protector to protect his right arm, and the curved rectangular shield of the Roman legionary. For a weapon he carried the legionary's short sword, or gladius, from which gladiators derived their name.

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