• King’s Ring - Gold Plated

King’s Ring - Gold Plated

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Product Description: This King’s Ring is made from lead-free pewter that is 22ct gold plated and is of a Saxon / Norman style. The ring size can be changed to make it larger or smaller. The ring is supplied in a clear blister mounted to an information card. The front of the information card has an image of King Offa of Mercia. On the reverse it provides a brief history of the ring and King Offa.

Information: A king would have worn this style of ring during the Saxon and Norman periods. It would have been made from solid gold or other precious metals. Metal workers were highly skilled and made many intricate jewellery items including rings and brooches as well as ornate swords and helmets.

Offa was the greatest of the Mercian kings and reigned from 757 to 796. He was a strong and ruthless king who overawed the southern kingdoms and treated them as provinces. He developed commerce and carried on international diplomatic relations with King Charlemagne of France and with the Pope. Offa built a great dyke (defensive rampart) marking the boundary between England and Wales (Offa’s Dyke).

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