• Medieval Coin Earrings - Gold Plated

Medieval Coin Earrings - Gold Plated

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Product Description: This pair of Medieval Coin Earrings are made from pewter that is 22ct gold plated. The coins are quarter-nobles and have a royal shield on the obverse and are supplied on hypoallergenic earring hooks. The earrings are supplied on an information card that portrays an image of a medieval women wearing earrings and other jewels on the front and describes about how medieval jewellery developed on the reverse.

Information: In early Medieval times the only people wealthy enough to afford jewels and fine metals were Royalty and the nobility who wore gold, silver and precious gems. Lesser nobles wore base materials such as copper and pewter. Later on with the expansion of trade more people found they could afford jewellery. This pushed the richer classes to wear more extravagant pieces to distinguish themselves from the middle classes. The main items of jewellery were brooches, belts, girdles, earrings, coronets, necklaces and rings.

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