• Medieval Coin Pendant - Pewter

Medieval Coin Pendant - Pewter

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Product Description: This Medieval Coin pendant is made from lead-free pewter. The penny coin has the image of William I on the obverse and a Cross pattée, with PAXS (peace) on the reverse and is supplied on a waxed cord. The pendant is mounted on an information card, which has a medieval battle scene on the front and on the reverse describes how coins were made and how dangerous it was to live in medieval times.

Information: During Medieval times most coins were made by hand. An iron punch called a die was used to stamp out a pattern on one side of a coin. Two dies were needed for each coin, one showing the "heads side" and one showing the "tails". A piece of silver was placed between the dies and sharp hammer blow to these would create a coin.

England in Medieval times was a violent place where wars and death were commonplace. In 1066 William I became King of England after defeating King Harold at the Battle of Hastings. In 1189 Richard I (the Lionheart) took a huge army on his crusade to fight King Saladin. Edward I died near Carlisle in 1307 whilst returning to Scotland to battle the Scots and Edward III had the misfortune to see up to 40% of the English population wiped out by the Black Death in 1348/9.

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