• Farthing Coin Pack - George VI

Farthing Coin Pack - George VI

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Product Description: The George VI Farthing coin pack contains an original farthing coin of George VI. The double-sided pack has a hole in which the coin is held in a clear blister, this allows both the obverse and reverse to be clearly seen. The full colour card shows the royal coat of arms on the front. There is historical information about the farthing on the back.

Information: The farthing (meaning four part) was worth one quarter of a penny and 1/960th of a pound. The first farthings were made by cutting pennies into quarters, however, during the 13th century a small silver farthing was introduced.

The King George V farthings were made from bronze with the obverse showing a portrait of the king, and Britannia on the reverse. Until 1917, farthings were issued in an artificially toned state so that they would not be confused with the half-sovereign.

The obverse of the George VI farthing shows a portrait of the king, but Britannia was dropped from the reverse for the first time since 1672 and replaced by one of Britain’s smallest birds, the Wren. This reverse remained in use for the remainder of the coins existence.

By 1956 it was apparent that due to inflation the farthing had outlived its usefulness and minting stopped a year later. The farthing ceased to be legal tender after 31st December 1960.

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