• George VI Coin Collection Pack

George VI Coin Collection Pack

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Product Description: The George VI Coin Collection Pack contains an original farthing, halfpenny, penny, threepence and shilling. The double-sided pack has 5 holes in which each coin is held in a clear blister, allowing both the obverse and reverse to be seen. The coin pack has an image of the royal coat of arms on the front. On the reverse, the pack provides information about George VI and his coinage.

Information: George VI acceded to the throne in December 1936 after his brother Edward VIII abdicated and was crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey in May 1937. George would reign throughout World War II (1939-1945) and acted as a figurehead keeping up the moral of his armies and people.

After World War II started a system of rationing was introduced. Each family received a book of coupons, which were used with money to purchase a set amount of rationed goods per week. These goods included food, clothing and petrol.

The general coinage of George VI remained very much unchanged throughout his reign. The silver and twelve-sized nickel-brass Threepence coins were at first issued concurrently until the small silver Threepence was phased out in 1942. In addition to the English ‘lion’ Shilling, a Scottish Shilling was issued depicting the Scottish lion. In 1947, as silver was needed to repay the bullion lent by the USA during the war, silver coins were replaced with coins made of the same type and weight from cupro-nickel.

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