• Half Penny Coin Pack - George V

Half Penny Coin Pack - George V

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Product Description: The George V Half Penny coin pack contains an original halfpenny coin of George V. The double-sided pack has a hole in which the coin is held in a clear blister, this allows both the obverse and reverse to be clearly seen. The full colour card shows the royal coat of arms on the front. There is historical information about the halfpenny on the back.

Information: The first halfpenny coins were made from silver and were produced in quantity during the reign of Edward I, although a few very rare earlier examples have been found. It was not until 1672 that halfpenny coins were made from copper and then in 1860 that they were made of bronze. During this time, there were 2 halfpennies to a penny and 240 pennies to the pound.

The halfpennies of George V, George VI and Elizabeth II are all bronze. There are slight differences in the design of Britannia on the reverse and the bust of the reigning monarch and associated inscriptions also changed. The composition of these bronze coins also changed during the reign of these monarchs.

The large halfpenny ceased to be legal tender in 1969 and a new smaller coin was introduced with decimalisation in 1971. The smaller halfpenny ceased to be legal tender in 1984 and the denomination that had served the country for over 700 years was gone.

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