• Roman Enamelled Deer Brooch

Roman Enamelled Deer Brooch

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Product Description: This Roman Enamelled Deer Brooch is made from metal and is inlaid with red and blue enamel. The brooch is fitted with a brooch bar on the reverse, so it can be secured to clothing. The Deer Brooch is supplied in a presentation box together with a card providing historical information.

Information: This brooch takes its design from an image found on a 3rd Century Roman belt buckle. This image was engraved on the surface and then inlaid with enamel and glass.

A gold coloured brooch in the form of a prancing deer inlaid with red and dark blue enamel.

Many exotic animal species were introduced to Northern Europe during the Roman period, including the fallow deer (Dama dama). Wealthy Romans would have statues of deer in the gardens of their villas and deer also appeared in pottery and on Roman coinage.

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