• Roman Enamelled Dog Brooch

Roman Enamelled Dog Brooch

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Product Description: This Roman Enamelled Dog Brooch is made from metal and is inlaid with blue, red and white enamel. The brooch is fitted with a brooch bar on the reverse, so it can be secured to clothing. The Dog Brooch is supplied in a presentation box together with a card providing historical information.

Information: This brooch is an exact replica of a Roman fibula in the form of a running dog decorated with bright multi-coloured enamel. It would have been used to fasten a shawl or cloak.

An antique bronze finished brooch in the form of a running dog inlaid with red and dark blue enamel. Reproduced from an original in the Vindolanda Museum on Hadrian’s Wall.

In Roman times the dog was a companion, guardian, hunter and tracker. They served to keep their owners warm at night, alerted an owner to the presence of unseen spirits and was regularly depicted in Roman myths and legends in practical roles.

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