• Roman Enamelled Stag Brooch

Roman Enamelled Stag Brooch

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Product Description: This Roman Stag Brooch is made from metal and is inlaid with blue and white enamel. The brooch is fitted with a brooch bar on the reverse, so it can be secured to clothing. The Stag Brooch is supplied in a presentation box together with a card providing historical information.

Information: This brooch is an exact replica of a Roman fibula in the form of a stag decorated with bright multi-coloured enamel. It would have been used to fasten a shawl or cloak.

This design would have originally been inspired by earlier Celtic zoomorphic designs of Stags and deer. The stag appears to be highly regarded in Celtic society and held in reverence with images adjourning sculptures, coins and pots.

These types of items were used by Roman soldiers stationed in the provinces as well as by local people. Though brooches in these forms appear throughout the Roman world, the distribution of finds and the archaeological remains of workshops suggest that the major centres of production were Britain and Gaul.

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