• Roman Enamelled Owl Brooch

Roman Enamelled Owl Brooch

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Product Description: This Roman Enamelled Owl Brooch is made from metal and is inlaid with coloured enamel. The brooch is fitted with a brooch bar on the reverse, so it can be secured to clothing. The Owl Brooch is supplied in a presentation box together with a card providing historical information.

Information: This brooch is copied from a 2nd Century Roman Owl Fibula (clothes fastening) inlaid with enamel and glass.

The gilt coloured brooch is in the form of a facing owl, the wings and eyes forming cells for enamel infill with large circular eyes and a projecting beak and feather detailing to the tail. An original very similar to this was found near Bath, Somerset, in the 1970’s.

The Roman goddess of wisdom Minerva has the owl as her sacred creature and the Roman god of sleep (Hypnos) would commonly take the form of an owl. In Roman times owls would appear on mosaics, coins and on architecture.

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