• Roman Enamelled Helmet Key-Ring

Roman Enamelled Helmet Key-Ring

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Product Description: This Roman Enamelled Helmet is made from metal that has red enamelling and gold highlights. It is supplied on a quality key-chain. The model is a side profile of a Roman Centurion's Helmet with a crest. The Roman helmet key-ring is presented on a Roman key-ring header card.

Information: The Roman centurion's helmet, known as the "galea," was a distinctive piece of armour worn by officers in the ancient Roman army, particularly centurions who held a rank of significant responsibility. Typically made of bronze or iron, the helmet featured a unique design characterised by a prominent crest running from front to back, serving both ornamental and practical purposes. The crest helped identify the centurion on the battlefield and added an intimidating aspect to their appearance. The helmet also had cheek guards, a neck guard and a visor that could be raised or lowered.

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