• Roman Leather Single Plaited Bracelet (2 Designs)

Roman Leather Single Plaited Bracelet (2 Designs)

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Product Description: This Roman Leather Single Plaited Bracelet comes in two similar styles. The size is adjustable making it is easy to put on and to then adjust using the two pull cords. It is supplied on a Roman jewellery card which depicts an image of a gold Roman coin on the front with a key design around the edge.

Information: To the ancient Greeks and Romans, the bracelet was a symbol of power and strength derived from the ones worn by warriors. Their soldiers often donned leather cuffs or wraps of leather on their wrists and arms for protection during battle.

The Romans also used leather on a wide scale for footwear, clothes, and military equipment including shields, saddles and harnesses. Excavation of Roman sites in Great Britain has yielded large quantities of leather articles.

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