• Roman Life Transfer Pack

Roman Life Transfer Pack

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Product Description: This Roman Life transfer pack consists of a full colour A4 size card with a scene from a Roman Forum (public square) on the inside and on the reverse of the pack an image of a Roman bath house to colour in as well as historical information.

Also supplied is a sheet of over 45 rubdown action transfers of Roman people and their animals that can be 'rubbed' onto the card so you can create your own Roman Forum scene.

Information: The Forum was a public square in a Roman town reserved primarily for the selling of goods.

The baths were used as part of day to day life in Roman times. They were extremely popular with both men and women who would try to visit the baths at least once a day. They had hot and cold pools, steam rooms, saunas, exercise rooms, hair cutting salons and slaves to wait on you. They also had reading rooms and libraries for those who could read.

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