• Scottish Kings & Queens Timeline Poster - A3

Scottish Kings & Queens Timeline Poster - A3

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Product Description: This A3 size Kings and Queens of Scotland poster shows the comprehensive 'family tree' of all the Monarchs of Scotland from Alpin MacEchdach who reigned from 834 through to James VI. As well as the name of the King or Queen there is information on the time they reigned and the dynasty they were part of. The poster also includes a timeline down the left side that highlights the main historical events that have shaped the history of Scotland.

Information: The history of Scotland is a story which lies in its Monarchs and this poster shows the fascinating family tree. From Alpin MacEchdach, who died fighting the Picts through to Kenneth MacAlpin from the House of MacAlpin. From David I from the House of Dunkeld to Robert the Bruce from the House of Bruce. Finally, the family tree comes to the House of Stewart which includes Mary I Queen of Scots and James VI.

The timeline starts from c. 6,000 – 4,500 when stone age people arrive in Scotland and runs through to 1603 when King James VI of Scotland is crowned King of England. Highlights include 122 AD when Hadrian’s Wall starts to be built, 843 Kenneth MacAlpin unites the Picts and the Scots, 1274 Robert the Bruce is born, 1296 The Stone of Scone is captured by the English and taken to Westminster Abbey, 1297 to 1305 William Wallace battles the English, 1329 Robert the Bruce dies, 1349 the Black Death kills a 1/3 of the population and 1543 Mary Queen of Scots if crowned at Stirling Castle, but is executed in 1587 by Elizabeth I.

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