• Space Exploration Ruler - 30cm

Space Exploration Ruler - 30cm

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Product Description: The Space Exploration Ruler is plastic and measures 30cm long. It shows measurements in both inches and centimetres. On the inches scale it includes units of 1/16 of an inch and on the centimetre side units of 1 millimetre.

The front of the ruler shows images of a space rocket, astronaut, shuttle, satellite and space station.

On the reverse is a Space Exploration timeline with dates and historical information. The timeline starts from 1957 with the Soviet Union launching the Sputnik 1 satellite and ends after 2003 with the future of space exploration. Highlights include 1961 the Soviets launch the first manned spacecraft followed by the USA, 1965 a Russian cosmonaut becomes the first person to walk in space, 1969 Neil Armstrong becomes the first person to land and walk on the Moon, 1998 the first part of the International Space Station is launched.

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