• Extra Terrestrial Pendant - Pewter

Extra Terrestrial Pendant - Pewter

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Product Description: This Extra Terrestrial pendant is made from lead-free pewter. The extra terrestrial head is supplied on a waxed cord. The pendant is mounted on an information card, which has an image of an extra terrestrial head on the front and on the reverse, it provides information about extra terrestrials.

Information: Science fiction writers have invented many strange and wonderful creatures to populate the universe. Many people also claim to have seen creatures that have come from other planets (extra-terrestrials) or claim to have been abducted in their spaceships. These spaceships have been described as tall cigar shaped rockets or flying saucers that seem to hover effortlessly and travel at incredible speeds through the skies. There have also been many sightings of strange lights that travel at high speeds and seem to turn at 90-degree angles. All these flying objects are called UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects).

The search for extra terrestrial intelligence (SETI) is the collective name for scientific activities undertaken to search for intelligent extra terrestrial life. Most SETI programmes are based on radio searches, where specialist radio telescopes monitor space for signs of extra terrestrial intelligence.

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