• T-Rex Pendant - Pewter

T-Rex Pendant - Pewter

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Product Description: This T-Rex pendant is made from lead-free pewter and is a side profile of the tyrannosaurus rex. The t-rex is supplied on a waxed cord. The pendant is mounted on an information card, which explains about the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Information: For about 160 million years dinosaurs were the largest and most successful animals on land. About 65 million years ago dinosaurs and many other reptiles died out. Mammals then became the dominant animals on earth.

There are two main theories to explain dinosaur extinction. (1) The collision of a huge asteroid against the earth. This would have thrown billions to tons of dust and debris into the atmosphere that would have blocked out the sun for many months. Vegetation would not grow and animals would starve. Heat from the impact would have caused large fires and without sunlight the earth’s temperature would drop below freezing. (2) Gradual climate changes may have made the winters too cold and summers too hot for dinosaurs to survive. Dinosaurs were too large to hibernate in dens and had no fur or feathers for protection against the cold. They also had problems cooling down in hot weather.

Small mammals and birds probably survived as they had fur and feathers to combat the cold and could feed entirely on seeds, nuts and rotting vegetation.

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