• Miner's Helmet Pencil Topper - Pewter

Miner's Helmet Pencil Topper - Pewter

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Product Description: This Miner’s Helmet pencil topper is made from lead-free pewter and is a 3D model of a miner’s helmet from the 19th century. It is supplied on a 13cm black wooden pencil with the inscription "I’m going underground" printed on it in silver.

Information: Miners relied on helmets specifically designed for their safety and illumination needs. These helmets were typically made of sturdy metals such as iron or brass to provide protection against falling rocks, debris, and bumps in the dark and cramped mining environment. The helmet featured a domed shape that covered the top of the miner's head, providing a certain level of impact resistance.

One of the notable features of these helmets was the inclusion of a light holder situated at the front of the helmet. It provided a limited but essential light source to guide the miner's way and detect potential hazards or obstacles ahead.

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