• Henry VIII & Elizabeth I Coin Pack

Henry VIII & Elizabeth I Coin Pack

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Product Description: These reproduction Henry VIII Groat and Elizabeth I Sixpence are moulded directly from original coins and are made from pewter. The pamphlet style packaging has holes on the inside in which the coins are held in clear blisters. The coin pack has Tudor images on the front and inside, including the Mary Rose from the 'Anthony Roll'. The pack includes information about Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

Information: Henry VIII became King of England in 1509. During the period 1511-1529 he pursued an active foreign policy under the guidance of Thomas (later Cardinal) Wolsey. In 1526 Wolsey presented Hampton Court Palace to Henry to stave off Royal displeasure but, in 1529, he was disgraced when he failed to persuade the Pope to annul Henry’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon to enable him to remarry. Henry renounced the papal supremacy, proclaiming himself Head of the Church of England and dissolved the monasteries. He subsequently took five more wives in his quest for a male heir. Henry VIII was the first English monarch to have a navy and he also founded the Royal Armouries in 1515.

Henry VIII is buried in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor.

Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry VIII and became Queen of England in 1558. She was a fervent Protestant and a masterful and enlightened ruler. The arrival in England in 1568 of Mary, Queen of Scots, and her imprisonment by Elizabeth for 19 years, caused a political crisis and Catholic conspiracies aided by Spain. These eventually led to Mary being executed in 1587.

Phillip II of Spain, after many years of friction, sent an Armada to England in 1588 which was defeated by the English fleet. This established the naval supremacy of England.

Inside the back cover the image is from the ‘Anthony Roll’, a list of King Henry VIII’s ships completed in 1554.

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