• Henry VIII Groat Coin Pack

Henry VIII Groat Coin Pack

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Product Description: This reproduction Henry VIII Groat is moulded directly from an original coin and is made from lead-free pewter. The wallet type packaging has a hole on the front in which the coin is held in a clear blister. The coin pack has an image of Henry VIII on the front, the two coins in the collection inside, as well as additional Henry VIII Tudor images. It has historical information about the coins and about Henry VIII.

Information: The original groat was struck between 1544 and 1547. Henry VIII rebased his coinage, lowering the quality of both silver and gold used in coins, to help finance his wars. The obverse of the coin has a portrait of Henry VIII and the reverse has a long cross over a shield of royal arms.

Henry VIII, son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, was born at Greenwich Palace on 28 June 1491. After the death of his elder brother Arthur, Henry became Prince of Wales. Henry VIII acceded to the throne in April 1509, after Henry VII’s death and was crowned in June 1509 at Westminster Abbey.

Henry VIII wanted a male heir. He married Catherine of Aragon who had a daughter, Mary. Henry wanted to divorce Catherine but the Pope refused. Henry secretly married Anne Boleyn in 1533, and she had a daughter, Elizabeth. Henry grew tired of Anne Boleyn and she was executed in 1536. Jane Seymour became queen and in 1537 producing a male heir, Edward, but died after childbirth. Henry then married Anne of Cleves, but divorced her a few months later. In 1540, he married Catherine Howard but she was executed within two years. A final marriage to Catherine Parr was more harmonious.

Henry was eager to gain territory in foreign lands. In league with Spain, he waged war with France in 1512 and led his forces in 1513. The same year the Scots were defeated at Flodden. Henry VIII established a Navy of over 53 ships, including the Mary Rose, and the Royal Workshops at Greenwich c.1515 for the production of armour. In 1520 he met with Francis I of France at an elaborate tournament called 'The Field of the Cloth of Gold'.

Henry VIII died at Whitehall Palace on 28 January 1547, aged 55, and was buried at St. Georges Chapel, Windsor Castle. Henry was succeeded by his son, Edward VI.

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