• Tudor Coat of Arms Magnet

Tudor Coat of Arms Magnet

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Product Description: This Tudor Coat of Arms is made from resin and is a hand painted model. It is presented with a magnet on the reverse. The Tudor Coat of Arms has three fleurs-de-lys in quarters one and four and three crowned lions statant guardant in quarters two and three. The Tudor coat of arms shield magnet is supplied with an information card describing about how the Tudors seized the throne.

Information: In 1485 a new family, or dynasty, of rulers seized the throne of England called the Tudors. From 1154-1399 a family called the Plantagenets had ruled England. The crown was then taken by the Lancaster family but, in 1455, a rival family, the Yorks, threatened the throne. The fighting that broke out between them was known as the ‘Wars of the Roses’. In 1485 Henry Tudor defeated the Yorkist King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth and became King Henry VII of England. The Tudor dynasty lasted 118 years and finished in 1603 when Queen Elizabeth I, daughter of Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn, died.

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