• Victorian Penny Coin Pack

Victorian Penny Coin Pack

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Product Description: The Victorian Penny coin pack contains an original penny coin of Queen Victoria. As Victoria reigned for many years there were many different types of pennies struck. The double-sided pack has a hole in which the coin is held in a clear blister, this allows both the obverse and reverse to be clearly seen. The full colour card shows the royal coat of arms on the front. There is historical information about the pennies of Victoria on the back.

Information: The penny of Queen Victoria (1837 – 1901) is one of the most intricate denominations of British coinage. Between 1839 and 1860, the penny was made from copper. From 1860 onwards bronze was used instead, which was both lighter and thinner than its copper counterpart.

There were many varieties of the penny; some had small differences and some far more apparent differences. Just three portraits of the Queen were used in the whole of her reign. The Young Head was used until 1860, the Bun Head between 1860 and 1895 and finally the Old Head from 1895 to 1901.

The reverse of every Victoria penny showed Britannia seated on a rock but there were a number of variations. Between 1860 and 1895 Britannia is shown seated with a lighthouse to her left and a ship to her right. The bronze coinage of 1860 for the first time stated the value of coin on the reverse.

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