• Victorian Ring - Pewter

Victorian Ring - Pewter

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Product Description: This Victorian Ring is made from lead-free pewter. The ring size can be changed to make it larger or smaller. The ring is supplied in a clear blister mounted to an information card. The information card has an image of Queen Victoria on the front and provides a brief history of jewellery during Victorian times on the reverse.

Information: Queen Victoria was born in 1819 at Kensington Palace. Her reign saw an age of increasing prosperity and industrial development. During this time, a great quantity of jewellery was made and worn which was regarded as essential dress by the middle and upper classes. The Victorians liked jewellery; they were pleased to see it and delighted in wearing it. The queen was very fond of jewellery and encouraged others to wear it. She would give beautiful pieces of jewellery as gifts, such as brooches, bracelets, rings and necklaces. Gold, silver, cameos, precious stones and pearls were all very popular during the Victorian years.

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