• Odin’s Wolf Head Ring - Pewter

Odin’s Wolf Head Ring - Pewter

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Product Description: This Viking Odin's Wolf Head Ring is made from lead-free pewter and is made of two twisted metal strands with wolf heads at each end. The ring size can be changed to make it larger or smaller. The ring is supplied in a clear blister mounted to an information card. The information card has an image of a Viking ship on the front and describes a brief history of the ring and Vikings on the reverse.

Information: This early Viking age ring is reproduced from an original found at a Viking burial site in Sweden. The original ring was hand crafted and made from gold. Viking craftsmen excelled in woodwork and metalwork, adorning brooches, weapons, implements and ship timbers with abstract animals and elaborate patterns of interlace.

The Vikings were from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. They voyaged great distances in search of good farmland and by the urge to plunder. Around thew 9th century they attached Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall as well as the North and East of England.

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