• Welsh History Ruler - 30cm

Welsh History Ruler - 30cm

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Product Description: The Welsh History Ruler is plastic and measures 30cm long. It shows measurements in both inches and centimetres. On the inches scale it includes units of 1/16 of an inch and on the centimetre side units of 1 millimetre.

On the front of the ruler are images of the banner of Owain Glyndwr, Caerleon Roman amphitheatre, Cardiff castle, Dolbadarn castle, Harlech castle and the Royal Seal of Owain Glyndwr. In the centre is a Welsh Dragon.

On the reverse of the ruler is a timeline of the history of Wales. The timeline starts from c.700-200 BC and the arrival of the Celts and runs through to 1999 and the opening of The National Assembly for Wales. Highlights include c.400 – 800 Wales emerges as a nation after the Romans withdraw, 784-96 Offa’s Dyke is built, 1165 Owain Gwynedd resists the rule of Henry II of England, c1210-1240 Llywelyn ‘The Great’ dominates Wales, 1301 Edward I revives the title of ‘Prince of Wales’, 1400 Owain Glyndwr rises against English rule but the uprising ends in 1413, c.1770 The Industrial Revolution transforms Wales and in 1953 Cardiff is established as the capital of Wales.

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