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Military Cross

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Product Description: This Miniature Military Cross Medal is made from lead-free pewter that is silver plated. It is supplied with approximately 9cm of ribbon. The medal is mounted on a fold-over information card that is full colour with an image of an FE 2b plane on the front and has historical information about the medal on the reverse.

Information: Instituted on 31st December 1914.

Originally awarded to captains, lieutenants and warrant officers of the army (including RFC), it was subsequently extended to include equivalent ranks of the RAF when performing acts of bravery on the ground. There was also a provision for the Royal Naval Division and the Royal Marines during the First World War. Awards were extended to majors by an amending warrant of 1931. The MC is always issued unnamed, although, since about 1938, the reverse of the cross or bar is officially dated with the year of issue. This award is now available to both officers and other ranks.

Description: An ornamental cross with straight arms terminating in broad finials decorated with imperial crowns. The royal cypher appears at the centre and the cross is suspended from a plain silver suspension bar.

The cover image shows an FE 2b of the Royal Flying Corps being shot down by Albatros DIII’s during the Battle of Arras, April 1917.

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