• World War I Aircraft Identification Poster - A3

World War I Aircraft Identification Poster - A3

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Product Description: This World War I Aircraft Identification A3 size poster advised the public to familiarise themselves with the appearance of British and German aircraft and to take appropriate action. As well as the warning text and historical information, the poster depicts images of both German and British airships and aeroplanes in silhouette, with their names.

Information: During World War I the public were introduced to a new type of warfare where enemy airships and bombers dropped bombs on towns and strategic targets. As a precaution, the government had posters printed alerting the public to what the enemy aircraft looked like and what to do if they saw them. The German military made extensive use of Zeppelin airships as bombers at the start of the war with around 50 raids conducted over Britain. Due to heavy losses this changed and in 1917 the Germans used Gotha bombers to bomb targets during the day and night.

The poster warning reads: The public are advised to familiarise themselves with the appearance of British and German Airships and Aeroplanes, so that they may not be alarmed by British aircraft, and may take shelter if German aircraft appear. Should hostile aircraft be seen, take shelter immediately in the nearest available shelter. Remain there until the aircraft have left the vicinity: do not stand about in crowds and do not touch unexploded bombs.

In the event of Hostile aircraft being seen in country districts the nearest Naval, Military or Police Authorities should, if possible, be advised immediately by telephone of the time of appearance, the direction of flight and whether the aircraft is an Airship or an Aeroplane.

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